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Tools of Business intelligence are actually great but never be able to perform custom business tasks to fulfill specific requirment and provide full control over business process . Hence there are more crucial tasks where we can never rely on the automated system. Thus Biworx is established.
It’s better to stick with Biworx as human Application development entity rather than using only automated or auto-generated applications, that are still far away from that point where it can think alike human and assist by using the proper technology in doing innovative business ideas .

Tools of Business intelligence can not adjust themselves without human developer to teach them again and again your business needs, otherwise business will fail to earn  competitive advantages in its field.

Biworx allow its client to have full control and audit over your applications and make them talk to each other smoothly as required to success in business.


Advanced Business Analytics Using Python

Do you believe that machines should be a part of the company's board of directors? if yes enroll in this course otherwise please wait for a while. After completing the this course participant  should play a key role in analyzing existing data of business and provide important indicators for the companies they are working for to make strategic decisions. student can replace the entire Business Intelligence system within firms by their intersected python, business and statistics skills out of the course . In each lecture of the course we are going to go through the whole data analysis phases ranging from collecting data to visualization in context of a particular business challenge . As result the course focus on student training to solve real word  business issues that most businesses face in the current data technology generation. (1) Business:  case or common problem (2) MACHINE LEARNING: the relevant  machine learning method for the business case. (3) Python: Use of python to apply the statistical method to solve the business case For instance in the first lecture the business challenge is to predict value of an account within balance sheet in the next year based on previous balance sheets. in order to fulfill this business requirement we must go through a number of stages by support of python and statistics as shown below: (1) Connect to Archive database server (SQL Server) and collect previous 200 year balances sheets using Python. (2) Apply Linear Regression on data. (3) Find relationship between accounts from the historical data (4) Predict the required account based on another. (5) Visualize result for reporting. In this course you can communicate with instructor in English, German and Arabic for questions and assistance during your learning process.

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Business Intelligence Development Using Python

By the end of this course, students skills should replace BI ready made packages and provide more flexible BI system for the business they are working for. Furthermore they should help companies to avoid Troubles and Costs related to implementation, support and license of ready made BI tools.

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Human Resources Applicant Tracking system.

Launch your company's private Career Gate is a course focus on implementation of cloud career gate and application tracking system. Course price include ATS and career gate free online service for your company the course aiming to teach  students how to Launch your company's private Career Gate and job Applicant Tracking System for the companies they are working for. In this course you can communicate with instructor in English, German and Arabic for questions and assistance during your learning process. Students will be able to setup, manage, implement , operate and provide support for the company  within the process of job applicants tracking in professional pace using innovative system in cloud. ATS is an application that enables the Internet handling of recruitment needs. it can be implemented or accessed online on an enterprise or small business level, depending on the needs of your Business. ATS is designed for recruitment tracking purposes.Using the Query Builder HR Department can filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience and University attended. In addition managing vacancies and assigning an internet application form for each an every single job can be done through the application with ease. Furthermore the application ready to be integrated with your site in a minute. you do not have to bother yourself about System operations as well as backup and recovery tasks. All you need is just to fill out the form on the right hand side then your company's private career gate with its corresponding tracking system will be created and ready to linked with your web site. using the career gate URL the link where the applicant can apply and send their resume as well as your HR department can login from the same URL to track the applicants and manage jobs starting and stopping them.

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Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA

Course focus of mastering basic programming paradigms as well as the object oriented programming using java  languages. the course lectures divided into three main parts; programming with java in plain text and command prompt, Creating java Applications under NetBeans 8.2 IDE  and Database programming. student should play integral role within enterprise applications development projects particularly  in back end development and solve a cross platform computing problems for the companies the are working for.

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Python Essentials For Business Analytics.

This course is  teaching  programming essentials in Python for absolute  beginners  and its use in banking and business. It help students to develop software components to support in Open Banking data sharing. This Course is aiming to produce good programmers who understand Algorithms , Data structure and can implement computer science concepts in banking sector. Course ideal for beginners who have never done programming before  to implement real banking project with an industry expert who is developing applications in banking sector since year 2000 for a number of financial institutions. Curriculum of this course is designed to convert people who have no previous knowledge or academic background in computer science into considerable programmers. The Course deliver knowledge not only in Python language itself, but its business implementations . Furthermore combining algorithms with Python in a banking implementation manner.  it's something that's missing from most other programming courses , that focus too much on the language itself, while ignoring to  show students the big picture and makes sure they understand the logic of what they are doing and how it can help them answer business questions. This  is means students come out of the course with a holistic understanding of computing as a business function, instead of a standalone concept. The course uses python language to achieve its goals as well as focus on the programming and algorithms essentials that are important to qualify participants to learn any previous or future programming language alone based on foundation they learned in this course. In this course you can communicate with instructor in English, German and Arabic for questions and assistance during your learning process.

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Web Application Strategy and Architecture.

This course is for business analysts and leader within the different departments of Enterprises to stand on solid vision of how enterprise applications work. the training focus on enhancing the technical skills of participants to be able to work as interface between Information Technology  and business and communicate technically with ease. Course update vision: Plan of course update will focus on applications development in the server side,  particularly  in the Data logic layer as well as the business logic layer and everything that communicates between the database and the browser using  C#. Furthermore a number of server programming languages will be used in parallel with SQL and front-end languages to complete the vision of application development  along with its different layers  back-end , front-end  and middle ware .

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