What is Bizegypt

Bizegypt is a commercial base working as interface between the major manufacturers in Egypt and international customers as well as customers of the local market. Bizegypt stands in front of technology development and customization in order to transmit the leading trade methods to complete ordering process with ease for all of its Manufacturers . furthermore it is particularly covering all aspects fitting business to business orders.

Bizegypt is anxious to fill the gab between business and technology from one side and to increase chances of exporting from the other side to achieve considerable incremental rate of sales for each single Product listed within our database. we pay a deep attention for marketing campaigns in monthly basis and hiring customer care team specially to respond to customers inquiries regarding items. Bizegypt localize its face according customer 's language and currency and cooperate with agents in many countries all over the glob for our products promotion.
Benefits of Bizegypt Membership
(1) Marketing continues activities in daily basis.
(2) Show your catalog to global Customers in their own localization and currency.
(3) Receive orders from both local and international markets.
(4) Hire specialized customer care team to respond to any customers inquiries about your items.
(5) Increase chance to export.
(6) Other members customers can see also your items.
(7) Private eCommerce gate and system to Manage shipment, purchase orders, products, prices and promotion by yourself.
(8) You can hire specialist to manage shipment, purchase orders, products, prices and promotion anytime.
(9) Reporting for sales, best selling items.
(10) benefit from our permanent residence agents in Europe, Gulf and USA.
What Bizegypt do to give members the above mentioned service:
(1) Implementing one of the top leading online trading systems to initiate orders with ease.
(2) Cooperate with international agents in Different countries.
(3) Assign Business Support agent to each member for Catalog, stock, pricing and orders Maintenance.
(4) Hiring customer care specialists speak different languages.
(5) Regular Marketing Campaign targeting international customers using different media and tools.
(6) Work with analysts to work on your requirements to perfectly fit to be sold online.

To trade with Egypt you need to do the following:

1- register as customer
2- Apply as merchant